We are a Re-purpose, Re-use, Re-make project with the hopes of educating everyone not to throw anything out! Save it, send it to us, or Thrift it but NEVER toss in trash! We can make anything into something useable and beautiful again!

Santa Fe, NM

We are based in the Land of Enchantment (thus our name) where art meets arroyo. My family moved here in 1979 from Montecito, CA for me to go to St Johns College. Please come visit and experience the city different for our classes in Sashiko and Boro stitching!


Met these 2 great girls shopping at same thrift store for jackets for their fall looks! I had to stop them for a chat and a photo since they looked so awesome in their new looks and I offered to personalize the jackets with some cool hearts or a poem! Ill take an after photo of Im lucky enough to work on these jackets!

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