VANESSA AND TINA, partners in crime and what not, since the 80s! (dont we look great still? actually this is an old photo.. i need to find something more recent)  Finally we are joining forces and using our skills for the good of the planet by styling, repairing and making new from old! Vanessa went to art school in England at the University of LIverpool and luckily ended up in NYC to meet moi at my first job at Counterparts (no more :() I went to SJC first then FIT (and didnt think id last a day in the big old mean streets of NYC) but I found my people there and we became besties and then moved on together to GITANO, where we really got the party going (Working on the MENSWEAR side) Victoria, Jasmina, Wilma and the rest of gang have been through thick and thin and now we are starting our own HOUSE of ENCHANTMENT! <3


The Long term goal is to not only repair and remake but eventually put together a BRAND of apparel (Mens, Womens, Gender neutral and Kids)  MADE COMPLETELY FROM EXISTING CLOTHING.  The tricky part with that goal in mind is sizing, but Im sure we can figure that out somehow.  Denim companies always have excess farbic and bits that they can send to use instead of sending to a landfill.  The fashion industry is the biggest polluter on the planet so we need to fix that problem ASAP.